Dr. Ricardo Sánchez

Welcome to the official Dr. Ricardo Sánchez website. People who are interested in Dr. Sánchez's work and Chicano poetry can learn more about it here. If you wish to contact any of the Sánchez family, follow this link to reach us via email.We hope you enjoy the poetry and thanks for stopping by.

The Ricardo Sanchez Reader is now available, just click on the image to go to the Ediciones Nuevo Espacio website
to order the two cd-rom set.  It was written by his long time friend, Dr. Arnoldo Vento,  five years in the making, it is the most
comprehensive work on Ricardo Sanchez to date. It includes critical essays on his works, a selection of his poems, an extensive bibliography, and testimonies from several of Dr. Sanchez's friends.

Another book out is Chicano Timespace: The Poetry & Politics of Ricardo Sanchez, this 199 page hardback was written by Miguel Lopez, the same Miguel who is in the Other poets/friends section. No photo of the book is available, just click on the name to order the book.